Dog Walking Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Carters’ Moggie Minders.

 Please note your use and access to Carters’ Moggie Minders’ dog walking services is conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with our Terms and Conditions stated in the terms and conditions outlined below.

 This dog walking service agreement (hereinafter referred to as “agreement”) is between Carters’ Moggie Minders and the client (collectively referred to as “parties”). The parties agree to the following:

Prior to Service

Carters’ Moggie Minders Pet Boarding/Minding Form must be completed prior to any dog walking service being provided for any period. The form can be found by clicking here.

Privacy Policy

Carters’ Moggie Minders is committed to complying with Australian privacy laws. Carters’ Moggie Minders’ Privacy Policy may be found by clicking here.

Dog Walking

Carters’ Moggie Minders reserves the right to refuse to walk any dog if they show aggressive behaviour at the time of pickup or signs of illness and/or are taking medication for transmittable virus or sickness.

Carters’ Moggie Minders reserves the right to refuse to walk any dog if they show any inappropriate, abnormal behaviour at the time of pickup or during walking as well as behaviour that the dog walker has brought to the owner’s attention that the owner has not taken measures to address or the owner has ignored.

Carters’ Moggie Minders will only consider walking dogs that have been fully vaccinated, council registered, socialised, have a non-aggressive behaviour and dogs that have been spayed or neutered.

Carters’ Moggie Minders will only ever consider unleashed walks for regular clients, dogs who Carters’ Moggie Minders has built a relationship and trust with, dogs who have the appropriate mature behaviour, dogs who are dog-friendly, people socialised and dogs who will come on call/command. 

Carters’ Moggie Minders dog walking services are provided during all weather conditions. However, Carters’ Moggie Minders have the right to refuse to walk any dog during any weather conditions that both the dog and the dog walker’s safety and well-being can be or are at risk. This includes thunder, lightning and strong wind gales. Dog walking will not take place if the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius or above. This is in the best interests of both the client’s dog(s) and Carters’ Moggie Minders.

General dog-waking provisions

Carters’ Moggie Minders agree to complete all dog walking in a safe and professional manner and in compliance with all applicable laws.

The client agrees to disclose to Carters’ Moggie Minders any known behavioural or aggression issues displayed by their dog with other animals, toys, food or humans. The client is solely responsible for any harm or injury caused by their dog while under Carters’ Moggie Minders’ care. Any loss and damage sustained by Carters’ Moggie Minders shall be claimable pursuant to relevant rules.

The client will provide a fitted collar or harness that the dog cannot slip out of.

The client will inform Carters’ Moggie Minders if their dog requires medication, provide sufficient information, instructions and medicine while in the care of Carters’ Moggie Minders.

The client shall provide proof of C3 vaccination/s for their dog and veterinarian details prior to the commencement of dog walking services.

The client agrees that their dog is updated with ongoing flea and tick prevention program, vaccinations and medications.

The client agrees to waive all claims and releases Carters’ Moggie Minders of all liability for any injury, illness, death, damages and loss to their dog and/or their property while in the care of Carters’ Moggie Minders.

The client is responsible for Carters’ Moggie Minders access to the dog on the scheduled day for dog walking, including providing keys where necessary for access. If for some reason where Carters’ Moggie Minders is unable to gain access to the dog, other than cancellation within the stipulated period, the walk shall still be charged at the full rate.

All new dogs will be subject to a maximum 6-week probationary period. If Carters’ Moggie Minders deems the behaviour or personality of a dog has changed to the extent it has become a danger to itself, our dog walker or other animals or persons, Carters’ Moggie Minders reserve the right to cease the dog walking agreement.

Carters’ Moggie Minders reserves the right to administer necessary aid and/or transport the dog to a vet should the client’s dog become ill. Carters’ Moggie Minders will attempt to contact the client’s own vet, but reserves the right to transport the dog to another vet, if necessary.

The client is responsible for all related costs associated with any emergency visit to a vet. The client further agrees to pay the vet invoice within seven (7) days of the invoice being issued.


The client shall provide proof of receipt and/or payment prior to the commencement of dog walking services by Carters’ Moggie Minders.


All dog walks must be cancelled no later than 5 pm the day before the next service day. Fees will be fully refunded for cancellations prior to this.

Cancellation made after 5 pm shall incur a full forfeiture of payment made for the dog walking service.

Unpaid Service

Carters’ Moggie Minders reserves the right to cancel unpaid dog walking service without notice, including prior to or during the service period.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

Once service is confirmed and payment is made after an emailed invoice is issued, it is deemed that the client has read and accepted all the terms and conditions outlined above. 

These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New South Wales, Australia. 

Carters’ Moggie Minders’ Terms and Conditions are subjected to changes from time-to-time. Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to check for any updates and amendments via the Carters’ Moggie Minders’ website.