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Pets become family

Would you like to have a holiday, but get worried about placing your beloved cat into a boarding facility? Would you like your feline friend to board in a comfortable environment where you’re updated daily about how your cat is doing? Perhaps you have pets that would prefer staying at home and having me come around to feed them and provide them some company while you’re away?

Hi, I’m Patrina Carter, and I’m passionate about animals. Located just outside Penrith, I have a one-room condo cattery that has air conditioning for summer and heating for winter. My cattery also has a huge window box that allows cats to watch the outside world from safety and cat shelves for exploration.

It’s all set up so that the cats that visit are comfortable while their owners are away, plus it’s easy for me to keep clean.

I provide a safe and quiet environment for cats that board here, where they are cared for, loved, and get to have some fun!

I also provide additional services, such as claw clipping, transport to and from the vets as well as in-home boarding for pets (not just cats) that prefer not to leave their own homes. I also offer dog walking services.

I service the following areas in the Nepean and Blue Mountains:

  • Penrith
  • Blacktown
  • Hawkesbury
  • The Hills
  • Blue Mountains
Carters’ Moggie Minders
Carters’ Moggie Minders
Had a lovely afternoon doing what I do best.
Yep bring with your pets.
Today was Toto’s turn for a walk.

Who thinks he had a lovely time?
Carters’ Moggie Minders
Carters’ Moggie Minders
Seriously if my cats are this spoilt, how spoilt do you think your pets will be?
Carters’ Moggie Minders
Carters’ Moggie Minders
Friday fact.

I often get asked what pet should I get?

These are the things you should consider.

How much can I afford to spend on a pet?

Where will my pet live?

How much time can I give?

Does the pet like being alone all day when I’m at work?

What do I need to set up for my pet?

Does my pet have specific needs? Can I meet my pets needs?

There are so many things to think about. The best advice I can give to any potential pet owner is.
Research, research, and research.
Ask a vet, pet shops, google. People in the pet industry.
Happy pet hunting.